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Tapee Tea Natural Pain Relief, Thai Organic Tepee Tea

Tapee Tea

Thai Natural Organic Herbal Tapee Tea

is a best known ideal drink that may help reduce gout, muscle pain, alleviates pain & aches allergies.




*Actual colors may vary. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product.

Thai Tepee Tea

Thai Organic Herbal Tea

Every day more people discover its BENEFITS


When you feel any pain in your body especially for joints, you can try Tepee Tea Pain Relief Tea. It kills the pain in minutes. Of course, a hangover will do as well! It’s not just a simple pain-killing tea, but also helps regulate healthy uric acid levels!

A Natural way of using Herbal Based ingredients formulated to ease pain relief.



Main Ingredients:

+ Wolfberry 10%

+ Jewel vine 20%

+ Sea holly, Thistle Like plant 10%

+ Java tea, Kidney tea plant, Cat's whiskers 20%

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